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An opportunity for reflection

Really relaxing, well talked through and the discussion of art work was interesting

Discovering my inner-self and now I would like to try and meditate

The best session I have had in 20 years

It takes you out of your thoughts and focuses on the body and artistic expression

An opportunity to try something different in a very safe environment

Helped me focus

Provided an opportunity to go within

Calming atmosphere created for the meditation

Everybody was given the opportunity to contribute

Putting us at ease, unwinding

I enjoyed discussing the artwork and relating it to facets of people’s experience or characters.

It was centring, looks at expression in a unique way


Openness between group members, not pushing anyone.

People very much with you

Good content, very good facilitator

Everyone participated without embarrassment – controlled but creative

The session made me feel happy

A very enjoyable experience

Engaging teacher and interested audience

Plenty of time to think, everyone felt comfortable with each other

Thank you for an unusual experience

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with older people with mental health problems in London for the NHS. When asked to evaluate their experience at the end of the 12 week course and describe what they had learnt, clients wrote the following:

"Learning to look into myself each day,

And then in time, being content with what I see,

Gives my body and my soul, a precious chance to merge,

And – hopefully – become a better ‘me’!”

Gerald, age 72

“To think of taking a new look at life, to slow down and enjoy every minute as much as possible. To have more pride in myself and not jump to everybody’s bidding to please them.”

“Opening my eyes to alternatives. Finding out how I could think, do and feel things differently.”

“Learning the important difference between the thinking and being modes.”

“Putting problems aside even for ten minutes and making time for me.”

“As a result of the Mindfulness course I became much more positive about myself and started doing things again, like going to the theatre, to church and even going on the tube. It has given me back my confidence and appreciation for the ‘little’ things in life, nature and listening to sounds. I feel so much better in myself. By taking time to appreciate all the good things in life and regularly practicing the meditation I can help myself stay well.”

                                                                   (Margaret, age 74)

“I learned to detach myself from my troubling thoughts and overwhelming anxiety every so often, each day.”

“Whenever I feel some sort of pain in my body I do the mindful meditation which always helps me to some extent.”

“A benefit of the group was sharing with others so I don’t feel alone. I learnt not to get caught up in my own thoughts, which gives me more control over how I live my life.”