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What is it? - Facilitated Art Studio space

The session provides individual work spaces where people can practice art-making, using a range of art materials to produce two dimensional and three dimensional artwork, with support from a qualified and experienced Art Psychotherapist. Studio based practice offers an implicit message of there being time for exploration, play and reflection and allows members to benefit from an indirect approach. It reduces isolation and enables personal insight by allowing participants to work independently in a facilitating environment alongside others.

Who is it for?

Anyone who would like to build their confidence in art-making and social interaction by working within a group.

No previous art skills are necessary as the emphasis is on producing expressive images to increase self-awareness. Support will be available for help with any art-techniques if required.


The group will be structured to provide individual working areas for members to develop their art-making within a non-judgemental setting.

There will be an opportunity to discuss their work either within the group or on a one-to-one basis with the Art Psychotherapist, should participants wish to do so.

Members are encouraged to participate for at least 12 weeks, at the end of which they will be invited for a review to decide whether it will be beneficial to continue for a further agreed period.


To enable increased personal insight through the art process.

To enhance the quality of life by reducing social isolation.

To provide a safe and creative setting for expression and exploration.

Potential Outcomes

Experience of a consistent therapeutic space with others who may have similar difficulties and an opportunity to share these with the group and / or therapist.

Increased confidence by developing art skills in a non-critical environment.

Development of personal insight through artistic expression.


Gill Lock

Art Psychotherapist

Guide price:

£30 per Group session,

1.5 hours

Short course packages available.

Please contact for a personal quote