Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction(also know as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) »

What is it? – Meditation

The aim of this course is to develop the ability to pay deliberate attention to experience from moment to moment, to what is going on in the mind, body and in day to day life and doing this without judgment. By developing this ability, people can feel more able to manage personal difficulties by responding to them rather than reacting.

Who is it for?

Anyone who would like the opportunity to develop a greater sense of well-being and inner stillness through self-awareness and reconnection between mind and body.

Appropriate for people who are suffering with stress, anxiety and/or depression, but who are willing to take some responsibility for addressing their difficulties with support.

No previous meditation experience is needed, techniques will be taught.


The group will be structured to provide a time to learn the meditation and relaxation practices, and an opportunity to discuss the techniques as a group. There will also be a cognitive element to the course where group exercises and discussions will provide an opportunity to think about things differently.

The group will run for twelve weeks. Full benefit will be gained from attending all sessions and committing to the home practice.


To develop an increased ability to cope more effectively with difficult situations.

To learn new ways to manage challenging emotions and social interactions and gain support from other group members.

To develop an increased ability to relax and gain greater energy and enthusiasm for life.

Potential Outcomes

Experience of a regular and supportive therapeutic space in which clients’ can share their experiences of the practice in a safe way.

Increased independence and capacity to manage difficult situations. The ability to approach all experiences without judgement.

Heightened self-confidence through increased self-awareness.

Therapist: Gill Lock

Art Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Practitioner

Guide price:

£35 per Group session, 1.5 hours,

£70 per Individual session, 50 minutes.

After an initial assessment session, all further  sessions are available in blocks of 6 or 12 weeks.

Please contact for a personal quote